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About the 2020 401k MEP/PEP (Virtual) Conference proudly presents…



 Are You Curious To Know Why You Absolutely Need to Attend this Event?

The 401k MEP Virtual Conference Includes:

  • Hands-on information that is immediately useful. No fluff, all great content information
  • Moderated by Chris Carosa, Chief Contributing Editor at, Senior Contributor for, and author of 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions
  • Featured Speakers include Well-Known Leaders in the Financial Industry discussing threats and opportunities that arise for the January 2021 effective start date for open 401k MEPs and PEPs
  • No travel required – all sessions virtual
  • Bonus #1: Dedicated one-on-one 15-minute sessions with featured speakers for “VIP” registrants only – up to 3 sessions (each with a different featured speaker)
  • Bonus #2: “lunch table session” – one-hour private group meeting with a featured speaker for “Preferred” and “VIP” registrants only
  • Access to recordings and transcripts of sessions available to “Premium” registrants

Conference Dates: Wednesday, August 26th and Thursday, 27th, 2020

 Also, one-on-one 15-minute sessions for “VIP” Attendees Monday and Tuesday the 24th and 25th and Friday the 28th one-hour special lunch table session to help you get the most out of the event.

Times: Four speakers per day (August 26 and 27th) starting at 1pm EDT and ending at 6pm EDT with a 1-hour break at 4pm EDT.

Length of Presentations: 50-minute sessions.  These live presentations by experts on topics guaranteed to help you get a greater understanding of the regulations, operational best practices, and practical marketing tactics surrounding 401k MEP/PEP. Q&A at the end of each session.

BONUS #1: Monday and Tuesday, August 24th & 25th:

15-minute one-on-one “Ask a Pro” consultation with a featured speaker. Each VIP Registrant can select up to three different 15-minute telephone appointments. Limited seat availability with appointments on a first-come/first-serve basis (see registration menu for details).

BONUS #2: Friday, August 28th:

One hour “Lunch Table” networking wrap-up. Up to 10 people in a private group meeting with a featured speaker for an open roundtable discussion meant to give attendees actionable “marching orders” to leave the conference with something they can do immediately. Available to VIP and Preferred registrants only. Limited seat availability with tables booked on a first-come/first-serve basis (see registration menu for details).

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Confirmed Speakers

Our speakers consist of ERISA attorneys – describing the implications of establishing a 401k MEP / Recordkeepers – describing the nuts and bolts of the logistics of a 401k MEP / Consultants – describing the advantages to companies who use 401k MEP and how to convince companies of those advantages, etc.  They include:

Conference Moderator

Christopher Carosa, Chief Contributing Editor,


Wednesday, August 26th
Beating the Unseen Competitive Threat

  • Terrance P. Power, President of The Platinum 401k, Inc.
  • avid N. Levine, Principal at Groom Law Group
  • Michael Montgomery, Managing Principal, Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors, Inc., Chief Executive Officer at Fidelis Fiduciary Management
  • Philip S. Scott, Registered Representative, Private Client Services, Investment Advisor Representative at Strategic Capital Advisers

Thursday, August 27th
Capturing the Rare Opportunity First

  • Pete Swisher, Founder and President of Waypoint Fiduciary LLC
  • Troy Tisue, President of TAG Resources, LLC
  • Lisa A. Massena, Principal at Massena Associates LLC
  • Ilene H. Ferenczy, Esq., Ferenczy Benefits Law Center

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The nuts and bolts of 401k MEP/PEP operations
– a hands-on perspective –
A Competitive Threat or a Rare Opportunity?

If you’re not leading, you’re following. Will you be looking for others who fit into the MEP/PEP framework you’ve crafted, or will others be looking to fit you in the framework they’ve created?

Or will you simply be left behind, relying on outdated business models and leaving the future to your competitors?

The open 401k MEP/PEP goes live in only a few months, but the window of opportunity is closing faster than that. Are you ready to hit the ground running? Are you confident you understand all the ERISA implications before you act? Have you grasped the real reasons why 401k plan sponsors find the MEP/PEP option so attractive? What elements of your existing business model can you quickly adapt to the coming MEP/PEP wave? How are your competitors already one step ahead of you?

Do you know the answers to these questions – or do you only think you know the answers to these questions?

Our event focuses on 401k MEP/PEP regulations, operations, and sales. If you’re a 401k service provider and want to continue or enter this business, the MEP/PEP topic is an urgent matter.

The SECURE Act was signed into law in December 2019. It allows companies to pool their retirement plans into one commonly shared plan – a 401k MEP or PEP (depending on the platform utilized). The earliest companies can enter these open pooled retirement plans is January 2021. However, in order to be able to do this in January 2021, they will have to begin the process in October 2020.

By the time the fall conference season starts, it will be nearly too late to make any last-minute adjustments to your 401k MEP/PEP business plan. That’s why we’ve decided to offer the 2020 401k MEP/PEP Virtual Conference the last week of August. By attending, you’ll end the week with a concise list of marching orders you can begin to implement within an hour after leaving the last conference event.

With the October deadline looming, it’s important to pro-actively learn all you can now. Financial professionals, registered investment advisers, brokers, insurance agents and retirement plan service providers need to know all they can do with the 401k MEP/PEP opportunity. And, based on surveys that indicated who people would most like to hear speak on these topics, we’ve compiled an impressive list of featured experts to provide all that and more.

We look forward to bringing you powerful sessions from industry leaders.  From federal ERISA implications to state-sponsored alternatives, from safe plan design to practical administrative processes, for successful sales tips to demonstrating how capturing the upcoming demand for 401k MEP/PEPs can grow your business in ways you may not have thought of, the 2020 401k MEP/PEP Virtual Conference covers it all.

Bonus #1: Ask a Pro Consultations

Our VIP registrants receive up to three 15-minute consultations by phone with these expert speakers. This takes place prior to the event allowing them to get questions answered ahead of time so they can then benefit even more from the conference going in with their most important questions already answered. There are only 30 VIP seats available, and appointments are booked on a first-come/first-serve basis. Are there questions you’d like to ask your favorite expert? Register now because if you delay you may miss the chance to take advantage of this rare opportunity to meet with the featured speakers you’d most like to talk to.

Bonus #2: “Lunch Table” Networking Wrap-Up

How many times have you gone to a conference, come up with great idea, only to see them get lost in the sauce when you return to the office? This exclusive bonus, available to VIP and Preferred registrants only, gives you a chance to flesh-out an actionable “to-do” list before you leave the 2020 401k MEP/PEP (Virtual) Conference. Together with up to 10 people, you’ll meet in a private group with a featured speaker for an open roundtable discussion. The brainstorming power of this group is meant to give you specific “marching orders” to leave the conference with something you can implement immediately. Available to VIP and Preferred registrants only. Hurry because there are only 10 seats available per speaker table. Tables are booked on a first-come/first-serve basis. Do you have a particular featured speaker you’d like to work with? Register now before that speaker’s table is booked full.

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Why You Absolutely Need to Attend this Event

We asked, you answered. Over the last several months, has been conducting a survey regarding the 401k MEP/PEP interests of financial service professionals. The responses clearly show what you need to know to move forward. And based on these specific speaker suggestions offered by the respondents, we found the best experts to not only answer all your questions, but also to advise on hidden 401k MEP/PEP matters that might not be as well known.

We discovered what you need to know and made sure you will get this and more at the 2020 401k MEP/PEP Virtual Conference. Here are just a few topics the survey revealed:

  • Current regulatory issues and constraints regarding 401k MEPs
  • How to take advantage of the upcoming demand for 401k MEPs to grow your business (even if you don’t think you can)
  • Servicing a 401k MEP from someone who has done it
  • ERISA implications in 401k MEP plan design
  • 401k MEP advantages that will convince every trade association they need one right now
  • The nuts and bolts of 401k MEP operations – a hands-on perspective
  • Successful tips to closing 401k MEP business
  • How to help a trade association create their own 401k MEP

Why Everyone Wants to Attend a Virtual Conference Right Now

We asked survey respondents to choose among nearly a dozen reasons why they felt attending a virtual conference benefits them. Here are the top four reasons they told us:

  • I save money because I don’t have to pay travel-related expenses.
  • I save time because I don’t have to travel.
  • It’s convenient, just like scheduling a conference call.
  • The presentation is recorded, so I have the option of going back and seeing it again.

Registration Bonus

We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. For this reason, we’re offering five different levels – from “General Admission” (for those just interested in making sure they know what’s going on) to “Red Zone Access” (for those who want to binge watch when they have the time) to “Reserved Seating” (for those who desire high quality reference materials) to “Front Row Seating” (for those who want to immerse themselves in the action) to “Back Stage Passes” (for those who actually want to meet the presenters).


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