Conflicts of Interest

401k & Retirement Advisers Shocked by, Sympathetic to and Cynical of Bogle Comments

His heart may be in the right place, but this industry icon nearly put his foot in his mouth by forgetting the very economic lessons that allowed him to be so successful.

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Is Famed Fiduciary Advocate Ron Rhoades Ready to Concede Defeat?

Low fees are no substitute for veteran fiduciary experience.

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New 401k Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Worry: Study Reveals Previously Unpublicized Conflict of Interest Can Harm Mutual Fund Performance

    New 401k Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Worry: Study Reveals Previously Unpublicized Conflict of Interest Can Harm Mutual Fund Performance

What’s a fiduciary to do? It’s so deeply hidden, even professionals can’t find it, let alone plan sponsors.

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401k Fiduciary Liability in a Multi-Vendor Environment

The best interests of the 401k participants will always trump convenience and cost.

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How Investment Theory Explains 401k Plan Sponsors’ Evolving Fiduciary Duties

A three-ring circus might get you excited but, face it, would you rather spend time trying to solve Rubik’s Cube or eating wedding cake?

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401k Plan Sponsors, Star Trek and Fiduciary Duty

    401k Plan Sponsors, <em>Star Trek</em> and Fiduciary Duty

Star Trek’s Fiduciary Rule: The needs of the many (or the client) outweigh the needs of the one (or the fiduciary).

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Institute for the Fiduciary Standard Establishes Frankel Fiduciary Prize

Let’s recognize the researchers, scholars, policymakers, regulators and tireless advocates who work to advance fiduciary principles.

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Has SEC Unfairly Rigged Its Fiduciary Questionnaire?

The SEC is asking “how do we constrain fiduciary” instead of the other way around.

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DOL Smacks 401k Adviser for 12b-1 Fiduciary Breach. Plan Sponsors Next?

An old case suddenly takes on more relevance as the DOL may have Plan Sponsors in their cross-hairs.

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Yet Another Independent Study Highlights High Conflict-of-Interest Cost to Retirement Investors

If all these researchers consistently show investors make less money going through brokers, why are brokers still in business?

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