Exclusive Interview: David Huntley Explains Fees Just One Component of Value

“Price (fees) are a component of value. There are many other components that make up value and the relative weight will vary from plan to plan.”

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Exclusive Interview: PSCA Chair Stephen W. McCaffrey Sees Challenges in Legislative Attempts “to ‘Fix’ an Un-Broken System”

What currently much discussed 401k “need” was successfully fought by the PSCA in the 1950s?

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Exclusive Interview: Gabe Zichermann on How Game-like Techniques Can Motivate Behavior

If a game has a purpose, is it still a game? If it makes saving for retirement fun, who can ever complain?

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Exclusive Interview: Brian Hamburger Says Private Industry Converging on Fiduciary Solution Ahead of Regulators

Why the investment adviser industry wants to mimic American, but not British, doctors.

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Exclusive Interview: Christopher Carosa Explains 2 Ways Hey! What’s My Number? Can Increase the Odds Retirement Savers Will Retire in Comfort

Answers to the questions you’ve all been asking these past six years.

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Exclusive Interview: Skip Schweiss Calls Disclosure “Terrible,” Says It Would “Confuse” Investors

Schweiss says forcing brokers to abide by a fiduciary standard probably is “not a good strategy any more” and the government is no longer a viable part of the fiduciary solution.

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Exclusive Interview: Don Trone Reveals 401k Plan Sponsors Want This Instead of a Fiduciary

Discover why “fiduciary” is the last word you want to bring up to 401k plan sponsors.

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Exclusive Interview: Jerry Schlichter Reveals 3 Ways 401k Plan Sponsors Can Avoid a Fiduciary Breach

“If diversification of products in the annuity is limited, the product may result in a fiduciary breach because…”

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Exclusive Interview: Knut Rostad says Fiduciary Debate “80% Political”; Advocates Out-Lobbied by Wall Street Opponents

“If we can’t explain to investors how they benefit from fiduciary advice, frankly, we don’t deserve their confidence, much less their business.”

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Exclusive Interview (Part I): Phil Chiricotti to Retirement Industry: Outsource Fiduciary and combine with HSA or Die!

Industry veteran identifies the most critical issue facing employers today and plan sponsors’ job #1.

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