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Exclusive Interview with fi360’s Blaine Aikin: DOL’s Fiduciary Rule “Takes Advisors to a Fork in the Road”

    Exclusive Interview with fi360’s Blaine Aikin: DOL’s Fiduciary Rule “Takes Advisors to a Fork in the Road”

Aiken says “There is no turning back” on DOL’s Fiduciary Rule as its momentum is “unstoppable” and regulation is “a lagging indicator.”

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Exclusive Interview: Don Trone Reveals 401k Plan Sponsors Want This Instead of a Fiduciary

Discover why “fiduciary” is the last word you want to bring up to 401k plan sponsors.

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Compliance Headaches Coming for 401k Plan Sponsors Due to New Fiduciary Regs in 2014?

What might surprise you the most is how easily the industry will adapt to the new fiduciary guidelines.

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Exclusive Interview with fi360’s Blaine Aikin: Competitive Forces Favor Fiduciary Standard

Investors who understand the fiduciary standard demand it, and practitioners who fail to embrace it will find themselves at an increasingly competitive disadvantage.

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Has SEC Unfairly Rigged Its Fiduciary Questionnaire?

The SEC is asking “how do we constrain fiduciary” instead of the other way around.

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Why the Fiduciary Standard Can’t Live in Harmony

Is the call for “harmonizing” the SEC and DOL versions of the fiduciary standard merely a ruse to thwart the entire effort?

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Thoughts on Attending My First fi360 Conference

I was sad when it was over. It was like saying goodbye to old friends. I wanted to stay and keep talking. Oh well, there’s always next year…

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Stunning Academic Study May Cause DOL to Retain Original Proposal for Fiduciary Definition

To the extent regulation improves efficiencies, there will always be winners and losers. Those who don’t benefit will always oppose the change.

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Why the Traditional Structure of Investment Policy Statements Won’t Work for 401k Plan Sponsors

What worked in the past might mislead today. Worse, it might not include everything it needs to include. Find out what’s still useful, what isn’t and what needs to be added.

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The Best Way 401k Plan Sponsors Can Benchmark Their Plans

Want to know some real, reliable and independent sources of 401k benchmarking data? Read on.

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