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401k Plan Sponsors and the Mutual Fund Expense Ratio Wild Goose Chase

Any talk of mutual fund expense ratios only diverts attention away from the true issue at hand – what are the true costs of those non-mutual fund products that make up nearly half of all 401k investments?

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The Checklist for the Ideal 401k Investment Due Diligence Process

Thousands and thousands of words based on dozens of interviews summarized into a ten-item checklist. But, due diligence is like a river. It’s constantly moving, constantly changing.

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The Ten Commandments of Selecting a Mutual Fund as a 401k Option

We trust this represents a Decalogue possessing both credence and compatibility. Not only does it make sense to use, but the vast majority of plan sponsors can easily adopt each category of scrutiny.

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FiduciaryNews Trending Topics for ERISA Plan Sponsors: Week Ending 12/30/11

The year closed with a lot of contemplation on the 2011 that was and the 2011 that was not, with a dash of hope for the 2012 to be.

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3 Ways 401k Plan Sponsors Can Help Employees Make Better Investment Decisions

The research has been around for more than a decade. Why do regulators and the industry ignore it?

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Does Pending Appeal Decision Doom 401k Plan Sponsors?

Many 401k plan sponsors aren’t aware of fee creep and how it exposes them to greater fiduciary liability. One plan’s ignorance cost it nearly a half million dollars in personal damages.

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Fiduciary News Trending Topics for ERISA Plan Sponsors: Week Ending 5/20/11

This week features more bad news from Washington for fiduciary fans, the surprising return of the investment debate, the overly simplistic matter of fees and continued dour forebodings regarding pension plans.

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Fiduciary News Trending Topics for ERISA Plan Sponsors: Week Ending 4/29/11

It’s been a week of reversals as popular conceptions regarding index funds and ETFs are challenged by a flurry of writers. At the same time, SEC officials try to backtrack Chairman Shapiro’s backtrack on 12b-1 fees.

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Great Info for Every 401k Plan Sponsor: Review of 401k Averages Book

Fee disclosures will become the trending topic among 401k plan sponsors and fiduciaries. It will be tempting to overweight this parameter. But if your plan has an index fund or you’ve ever contemplated using index funds, this book contains one piece of data you absolutely must have.

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Fiduciary News Trending Topics for ERISA Plan Sponsors: Week Ending 4/22/11

Trending topics this week explores whether a popular investment product is a ticking time bomb or the Holy Grail of investing and connects the dots to lament over the apparent loss of a true fiduciary standard.

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