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5 Areas Where Target Date Funds Increase 401k Plan Sponsors’ Fiduciary Liability

    5 Areas Where Target Date Funds Increase 401k Plan Sponsors’ Fiduciary Liability

When considering the potential – if not underestimated – liability associated with TDFs, perhaps it’s best to listen to the warning Cialdini provides regarding Social Proof: “It should never be trusted fully… we need to look up and around periodically whenever we are locked into the evidence of the crowd.”

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Did DOL Fiduciary Rule FAQ Just Fire Warning Shot at Target Date Fund/Index Fund Fees?

    Did DOL Fiduciary Rule FAQ Just Fire Warning Shot at Target Date Fund/Index Fund Fees?

How much effort does it really take for ongoing monitoring of an index fund or a target date fund? And does that justify the fees advisers typically charge? And is this why the DOL inserted that reference in Q5 of the Fiduciary FAQ?

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Why Isn’t 401k Fee Disclosure Working?

Who needs fee disclosure when you have Jerry Schlichter?

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Are Target Date Funds a Ticking Time Bomb?

Like lemmings to the sea, retirement savers default to a controversial product.

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FiduciaryNews Trending Topics for ERISA Plan Sponsors: Week Ending 6/20/14

Fiduciary Facts, Fee Faux Pas and Ignorant Investing

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Exclusive Interview: Ron Surz Says Regulators Can’t Solve Target Date Fund Problems

“Advisers should be very scared of being implicated in the lawsuits that will happen.”

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401k Plan Sponsor Concern: Target Date Funds Still Broke

What the stress test of Q3 2011 tells us about what the Target Date Fund industry learned from 2008 – and what it didn’t.

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Fiduciary Checklist: Target Date Problems vs. DOL Proposed Rule

It’s not like folks hid their Target Date Fund gripes. The question is: Was the DOL on target with its new disclosure rules?

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Options for 401k Plan Sponsors: Alternatives to Target Date Funds

It is this latter case that may expose the unsuspecting fiduciary to greater liability. ERISA plan sponsors interested in reducing their fiduciary liability must stay up-to-date on these developments.

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