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What Will the Fiduciary Standard Look Like in Five Years?

    What Will the Fiduciary Standard Look Like in Five Years?

Still, if one has confidence the marketplace will drive the industry towards focusing on the best interests of clients, then a de facto fiduciary standard can emerge organically, without overt reliance on regulators.

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The SEC’s “Best Interest” Proposal – A Step Forward or a Set Back?

    The SEC’s “Best Interest” Proposal – A Step Forward or a Set Back?

We asked financial professionals across the nation for their thoughts on the SEC’s effort. As you might imagine, it’s clear Regulation Best Interest has some good points and some not-so-good points.

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Exclusive Interview: Don Trone Reveals 401k Plan Sponsors Want This Instead of a Fiduciary

Discover why “fiduciary” is the last word you want to bring up to 401k plan sponsors.

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Exclusive Interview with fi360’s Blaine Aikin: Competitive Forces Favor Fiduciary Standard

Investors who understand the fiduciary standard demand it, and practitioners who fail to embrace it will find themselves at an increasingly competitive disadvantage.

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