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Exclusive Interview (Part I): Phil Chiricotti to Retirement Industry: Outsource Fiduciary and combine with HSA or Die!

Phil Chiricotti’s blunt no-holds-barred style makes him a perfectly delicious interview. His incendiary commentary is so provocative we considered whether it would be too hot for our readers. But, then again, our readers are old enough to play with PhilChiricotti_01_Part1fire, so we decided to give Phil the keys to the typewriter and have him do what his may. And he certainly did what he might. So much so that, for the first time since our blockbuster interview with Martin Smith (“Exclusive Interview: Frontline Producer Explains Controversial 401k Documentary – The Good”, FiduciaryNews.com, April 30, 2013), we’ve had to break this exclusive interview up into four parts, each meriting its own inflammatory title. We’re sure you’ll savor all four parts to this amazing interview. Without further ado, here they are:

Part I: Phil Chiricotti to Retirement Industry: Outsource Fiduciary and combine with HSA or Die!
Part II: Phil Chiricotti says Lobbying to Replace 401k is “Lunacy”
Part III: Phil Chiricotti Offers Surprising Comments on the Fiduciary Standard
Part IV: Phil Chiricotti Sees MEPs as THE Fiduciary Solution for Small Plans

Part I begins here: Continue reading…

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