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Fiduciary Standard Quandary: First Avoid “Harm”onization

    Fiduciary Standard Quandary: First Avoid “Harm”onization

Be careful what you wish for because sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease.

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Obama Fires Fiduciary Starter Pistol to Mixed Reviews

When a reputed home run hitter with such a pronounced track record of striking out wants to join your team, what do you do?

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Hit, Miss or Backfire? Controversial Ayres/Curtis 401k Fee Paper Claims Broad-Based Fiduciary Breach

Can a Swiss Cheese argument add any value to solving important issues that really exist?

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Exclusive Interview with Investor Advocate Kathleen McBride: SIFMA Seeks to Protect Business Model Where Client Serves Broker, Not the Fiduciary Model Where the Broker Protects the Client

“There’s a relatively simple solution to this. Eliminate the broker-dealer exemptions and the ERISA exceptions.”

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Wall Street’s Whipping Boy and a World Without a Fiduciary Standard

Ron Rhoades explains how and why we lost the fiduciary standard and why that might be a good thing for bona fide fiduciaries.

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What Will 2013 Bring to the World of 401k?

Two experts feel we’re on the cusp of a major milestone, two experts don’t. You’re the tie-breaker. What do you believe?

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Survey Threatens SIFMA/FSI Fiduciary Positions

There’s no turning back. The cat is out of the bag. Regulators or not, the marketplace seems to have already made the decision to adopt the fiduciary standard.

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