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5 Examples of Self-Dealing Transactions that are Prohibited as a Result of Fiduciary Duty

    5 Examples of Self-Dealing Transactions that are Prohibited as a Result of Fiduciary Duty

While the fiduciary should be fairly compensated, the fiduciary is prohibited from engaging in activities that might increase that compensation to the detriment of the interests of the beneficiary. Such activities represent the definition of a self-dealing transactions. Here are some examples of self-dealing transactions that, if executed, will likely result in a fiduciary breach.

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Self-Dealing Ban Eliminates Greatest Fiduciary Conflict-of-Interest

    Self-Dealing Ban Eliminates Greatest Fiduciary Conflict-of-Interest

The definition of “conflict-of-interest” has become so broadly defined as to render it useless. It’s better to focus on the one conflict-of-interest that, with very limited exceptions, fiduciaries have had to outright ban for centuries. Ironically, in contrast to this precedent, it remains the one conflict-of-interest the DOL expressly permits.

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The Role and Responsibilities of the Individual Trustee

If this doesn’t scare you…

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7 Deadly Sins Every ERISA Fiduciary Must Avoid: The 1st Deadly Sin – “Income Matters”

What do Robin Hood, Income and Fiduciary Duty all have in common? And why should all 401k plan sponsors know this?

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