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9 responses to “Exclusive Interview: Frontline Producer Explains Controversial 401k Documentary – The Final Take”

  1. Phyllis Klein

    Dear Chris: Thanks so much for taking your time to further investigate and shine the light on the half-hearted effort of Mr. Smith’s reporting. As a RIA I watched the broadcast and in simplest terms thought – yes fees have consequences and that at least they put RIA’s in a positive light. I thought many of the same things that your interviewees mentioned and learning about the background and the fact that he actually interviewed experts who did not “support” his position, and subsequently left them out of the story just makes me shake my head and think – this is what is wrong with the news media. I appreciate that you got to the bottom of this piece that could have been so much more in a country that faces a huge retirement savings problem. Keep up the great work!

  2. George Huss

    Dear Chris:

    Congratulations for having the presence of mind and the drive to interview Mr. Smith. Well done you. If I am honest with myself, my feelings about the show have moved from apathy to being stunned to indignation. Thanks to your efforts, I can come back to center. No one of us is perfect.

    I will mourn the loss of my devotion to PBS. Had a similar piece been presented in the main stream media, I would not have been at all surprised. Yet, I’ve come to expect a higher standard from PBS. In the process, I believe they have put their standing as America’s most-trusted national institution at risk.

    Thanks for setting the record straight, Chris.

    Warmest Regards,

  3. Ted Leber

    Fiduciary News.com and PBS miss the mark when they ignore the plight of teachers and the 403bs that are foisted upon them by ignorant School officials. The high fees of most 403bs are criminal, yet no one seems to dig deep into this.

  4. James Molet

    I have watched the documentary multiple times and I have never been left with the impression that individuals should abandon their 401(k). The warning by Brooks Hamilton noting that individuals need to save early and save more aside, the documentary could have offered a bit more in terms of individual responsibility. Ultimately however, I believe the documentary achieved what the producers claim was their intent; to make people more aware that they need to be more responsible in terms of managing their 401(k)s and a large part of that responsibility involves being aware of fees. Anyone that has taken the time to understand how time and compound interest work, understands that fees can be corrosive and everything else being equal, need to be minimized. Is the documentary perfect? No. However, it does focus attention on one area of retirement planning that needs attention.

  5. John Warford

    I am a Canadian who just finished watching “The Retirement Gamble.” I stumbled on to your site as a result of looking at Bogel’s calculation more deeply.

    As a software developer, I am going to call you on your “Link Bait” tactics.

    This article is nothing more than that the same type of subtle “guiding” that you financial types employ on your ill informed investment clients.

    You have conveniently provided links to like minded individuals, under the guise of supporting your argument.

    In reality, you are really just driving business to your pals via links conveniently embedded at the most opportune sections where the criticisms become so hyperbolic, people will be compelled to click.

    By the way, the notion that 2% is a misleading figure is laughable. I read your CV. You used to be a scientist. Surely you know that 2% is not 1%. How did you end up in this racket.

    I’ll follow Frontline any day of the week over this site.

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