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5 responses to “Exclusive Interview with CFA’s Barbara Roper: Why a Fiduciary Standard Helps All Investors and 401k Plan Sponsors”

  1. Steve Thomas

    BRAVO! Tremendous article. As a former regulator and now compliance consultant Barbara Roper hits this topic directly on its head. Now is the time to implement a fiduciary standard across all financial service fields. But as she mentions, if you think the BD community is fighting true fiduciary standards – wait till it is proposed across the board for insurance agents….ST

  2. Ben Baldwin

    Excellent Barbara . . . keep up the good fight for the consumer.


  3. BPP401k.com Newsletter 05.289.13 Benefit Plans Plus 401k

    […] Why a Fiduciary Standard Helps All Investors and 401k Plan Sponsors In this interview with Barbara Roper, Consumer Federation of America’s director of investor protection, she deals with questions like, what is the most obvious reason we should have a fiduciary standard, why is the biggest fear not that regulators don’t act, but that they do, and what’s the one thing all 401k plan sponsors should ask their adviser? Source: Fiduciarynews.com […]

  4. Larry Elford

    Bravo to Barbara Roper for her work!!

    The title misrepresentation (salesman-advisor-broker) game along with the less than suitable investment choices that result when a commission salesperson passes themselves off as an investment professional are approaching fraud in my opinion. Clients should know that they can and should be taking steps to get their money back from intentional deceit of the consumer……many clients are doing exactly this, but it is a closely guarded secret within the investment community: http://youtu.be/KH6XMXlfdBw

    I am a recovering ex-broker (in Canada) who has pointed my life in the direction of helping those who need help, and not preying upon them as a professional. I saw much too much of that while I was in the industry. See GET YOUR MONEY BACK topic at http://www.investoradvocates.ca

    Cheers and best

    Larry Elford
    Alberta Canada

  5. Edward H. Rudberg

    This is a subject that I now have some meaningful understanding on. Thank you, Barbara Roper. It has been such a vague but extremely important subject for the average person to know, but are so uninformed about. Barbara has sliced through each problem area to enlighten us.

    I was hurt financially a lot, by thinking that all brokers or advisers had to do their best for their customers. After all they were the professionals. They knew what they were doing. I learned, though, the hard way, that that is not necessarily the case. I especially got hurt by advisers, who had little to no bear market understanding, and in 2000, left me with huge losses.

    I invest/trade now, on my own. I always know where I stand.

    I am concerned about those folks who don’t understand what Barbara has talked about and thus become victims of an industry with mixed ideas.

    I hope that we get a REAL FIX to this problem, so that innocent people aren’t taken out to slaughter, in the future. People need to have real backing (hippocratic oath equivalent) in writing, with legal consequences, so that they have some recourse. if they can’t TRUST their (fiduciaries) or those who they have faithfully chosen to broker their hard-earned money…fiduciary or not, then they must have legal recourse.

    Thank you, Ed

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