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7 responses to “Study: SEC Fiduciary Delay Costing Retirement Investors $1 Billion per Month”

  1. February 13, 2013 « The Morning Pulse

    […] SEC Fiduciary Delay Costing Retirement Investors $1 Billion per Month […]

  2. Why the Fiduciary Standard Can't Wait: Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS)

    […] cost of waiting: $1 billion a month Last week, an article in Fiduciary News examined some recent academic research that sought to answer the SEC's call to […]

  3. David Dayen: Mysterious Study Backs Financial Adviser Thieves Who Want To Keep Bilking Small Investors « naked capitalism

    […] of interest like this cost retirement investors at least $1 billion a month, because the funds they get channeled into underperform the […]

  4. Joel

    How about the trillions that are in open accounts. Add this to the pile of qualified money and you can see high massive this rip-off is.

  5. Walmart CEO: Food Stamp Cuts Could Be Good for Business

    […] of interest like this cost retirement investors at least $1 billion a month, because the funds they get channeled into underperform the […]

  6. Kate McBride

    Chris — this article is even more important now than when you wrote it. If you go just from Ma 2009 and the Treasury white paper recommending financial reforms, we have 68 Billion in excess costs to investors. But I think this is very conservative. Cheers– Kate McBride

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