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5 responses to “Retirement Readiness: The One True 401k Benchmark Every Fiduciary Should Measure”

  1. Dale F. Smith


    Another timely and well-composed article on a topic of important focus for the industry. Unfortunately, for our small-plan non-producing TPA practice, we continue to have a difficult time getting our collective arms around the very basic and most important topic of emphasis for our plan sponsor clients: 408(b)(2) responsibilities. Retirement readiness is somewhere off in a different galaxy, so we’re obviously not progressing as well as your quoted experts, and that’s getting more and more worrisome.

    Dale F. Smith, QPA, ERPA
    Pension Plan Professionals, Inc.

  2. September 5, 2013 | The Morning Pulse

    […] Retirement Readiness: the One True 401(k) Benchmark Every Fiduciary Should Measure […]

  3. Jim Watkins

    Thanks Chris for another excellent article. When it comes to ERISA and fiduciary liability, fiduciaries need to remember the famous quote, “a pure heart and an empty head are no defense.” It does not matter that you intended no harm.

    Too many fiduciaries fail to remember your point that in assessing prudence, ERISA looks at the process the fiduciary used in making decisions, not the ultimate performance of an investment. After all, none of us can control the markets.

    One of my primary complaints is the emphasis on participation rates, savings rates and required participation requirements. The focus should be on quality, not quantity. Forcing people to participate in flawed plans with investment options that are highly cost inefficient is both inequitable and counter to ERISA’ s stated purpose of protection tin and promoting the best interests of the employees, not the plan providers.

  4. J.M. Edberg Investment Management

    […] Retirement Readiness: The One True 401k Benchmark Every Fiduciary Should Measure […]

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